Pricing Policy

All of our product and shipping prices are clearly shown and there are no hidden costs.  You will be given the opportunity to view your transaction Total in your Cart before making your purchase (see Explanation of Shopping Cart).

We provide a service using our knowledge and resources to curate unique bundles in which some items may be hard to find, no longer produced, extremely popular, limited run, exclusive, etc. and price our ‘crates’ accordingly.  All prices are subject to change.  Due to the service we provide and our unique bundles we cannot provide price matching to other websites, brick and mortar stores, etc. but may run sales, social media discount codes, internet discount codes, repeat customer discounts, email coupons, or other discounts or specials.  Merchandise stock, trends, events, seasons, and other factors may play a role when we determine to provide discounts or sales and therefore price adjustments on previously purchased items cannot be given.